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Empower yourself to bloom with flowers therapy and abundance mindset!

Flowers have a powerful vibration which encourage positivity, increase focus, boost memory capacity, reduce mental stress. It is natural source to heal many mental and physical illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, various pain, including bones or dentistry. Also, flowers ‘ beauty and elegance are boosting your abundance mindset and embellish your surrounding.

Let’s bloom : minds+money+flowers!

  ‘Always Enough ‘ 

Women’s Retreat in North Cyprus

We all want to have enough. In fact, we want to have more than enough. But what does that really mean, and how do we get there?


You may ask:

Do I need to cut off all my ‘guilty pleasures’ and live minimalistic life ?

Or maybe I just need to learn how to live between ‘need’ and ‘want ‘?

Or is it enough to change my mindset ?


Our minds are our best friends or worst enemies in any are of life. Their flow is able to up lift us or destroy.


With the Always Enough Method, you will learn how to change your perspective in order to change your financial future and general wellbeing. Whether you have enough (or not) often comes down to mindset and practical application. You can’t save for the future if you are stressed out, barely keeping your head above water in the present.

Always Enough method is the steping stone which empowering you to take control back  into your hands and find the balance between financial and emotional wellbeing. It is connecting your minds, heart and money.


9 delightful days of an integrated abundance journey into yourself in a place where old beliefs and obstacles dissolve, fear is removed, and your heart opens to bloom like a spring flower in the sun!



JOIN  me in the North Cyprus in ‘Always Enough’ retreat and open your minds for abundance during  her unique and practical method  in ‘Always enough’ workshops, including flowers and colours therapy. You will enjoy a peaceful surrounding of private complex, small group of friendly women, where you can share your experiences and openhearted talks during amazing sunsets on Mediterranean seaside, gain a power of sunshine  from early morning and delicious fresh food. Also, you may treat yourself in a SPA : with  various massages , yoga, water aerobics classes or by exploring  culture and local sightseeing places on a trips. Moreover, there is always extra fun during karaoke and disco night.


Your investment includes:

  • 7 days full program, live sessions
  • 5 mind shift workshops trough ‘Always enough’ method
  • 5 flowers ‘and colours therapy sessions
  • 5 yoga/Pilates or water aerobics classes
  • 7 morning /evening gratitude affirmation- meditation sessions
  • 1st Evening Welcome dinner  and networking  (3 min of your business presentation)
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Unlimited access to inside and outside swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym
  • Trip to Old Town
  • Shared apartment *
  • Taxi from / to airport: Larnaca International, Cyprus


Other available services **:

SPA centre

Day trips and tours with guide in a group

Price do NOT include :

  • Flight tickets to Larnaca International airport, Cyprus
  • Insurance and your personal expenses
  • SPA treatments
  • Extra trips and tours around with the guide


*shared  3 bedroom apartment with common kitchen , sitting room and 2 separate  bathrooms, for 6 women. There is possibility to book  your own apartment and live 4 or 2 people only  ( add £250 or £550 per person on the regular price )This  apartment price various and MUST pre-book in advance.

There will be 3 payment options:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity and register your enquiry today to experience this amazing retreat!  

Email me direct your request and choice: mentorvaida@gmail.com

Details and updates will be sent to your e-mail only

With love and gratitude,

Vaida V.- Stone


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