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FREE 20 min consultation

Online or Face to Face consultation.

Booking is required.

One question or problem to look, for example:

  • How to save for child’s future, what saving account to open?
  • Where to start if I want to buy a house?
  • How do I get out of debt loop? Where to start paying off the debt?
Personal Financial Coach Express Chat
In Depp Financial Coach


It is one to one Financial strategy consultation:

  • Analysis & assessment
  • Report & recommendations
  • 90 min
  • One practical tool as a gift

Personal consultation to understand the reasons which caused the main issue. I will ask specific questions to understand your reasons, expectations and dreams.

It is confidential and honest conversation to find out the real situation and what can be done to solve the issues. It is helping to improve your financial wellbeing by:

finding where your money leaks, giving your practical advice and tool how to manage money better, create strategy how quicker achieve your financial goals, pointing how & where you can save.


‘Motivational boost’

After a week, I will call for a quick feedback to see how my recommendations are implemented in your daily practice, do you need any further support.

Registration for my consultation is necessary.

A payment need to be done minimum 48 hours before your booked session time.

Any cancelation less than 24h before arranged consultation is not refundable.



My unique program is based on practical skills development, which helps to improve your financial wellbeing by:

  • face to face meetings once per week
  • practical tasks
  • monitoring & analysis
  • strategy for your financial goals
  • personal plan how faster to ‘clear’ your debts
  • constant weekly support and advice during a program
  • identifying the main causes of financial issues
  • giving you practical advice and tools (MOTs) how to manage money better
  • pointing how and where you can save
  • motivation and support
  • ‘follow ups’ after program ends: after 1 and  3 months
  • financial literature
  • positive affirmations
  • mindset transformation tasks

There are 3 options available of this program by your needs:

  • 6 weeks
  • 15 weeks
  • 26 weeks

Recommendation for the program level and full details are given after financial strategy consultation ‘In Deep’.

Registration for my consultation is necessary.

Always Enough Financial Personal Coach

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