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Why I became Personal Finance Coach?

So, WHY?… Before I’ve become Personal Finance Coach, I was working more than 20 years as a teacher, tutor, translator, in marketing and sales areas, as a company’s representative and financial protection advisor. My professional experience gave me opportunity to work and know people from various backgrounds and occupations.

I am blessed that people trust and open to me. While working as financial consultant, I’ve realized that 85% of my clients are stressed or have some worries when we are talking about their future, especially personal finances. There are numerous reasons why so many people face challenges in managing their finances efficiently: fear, lack of knowledge, social status, bad money habits or mental issues like depression, anxiety, stress etc. My passion to help people and many clients’ stories inspired me to search for more effective ways to give practical skills and guidance to improve their financial wellbeing and make a positive impact in daily life.

In 2016 I’ve started to learn life coaching which opened the door into deeper understanding of mindset power. My friends and clients pointed to me that I have the power to motivate and empower people for positive changes. So, I’m constantly developing my knowledge in coaching, finance, business management, art, colour, and flower therapy.

Also, I am:

  1. Mum of three wonderful children – experience of family budgeting, strategy, planning, saving.
  2. Divorced – experience of surviving on my own, supporting myself and children, staying strong, being example to kids.
  3. Emigrant – experience of ‘transition from zero to hero’: facing many challenges while established with children in a new country.

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