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New academic year - NEW course!

Financial literacy practical skills programme:

“ 5 steps how to achieve financial stability in real life.“ 

 (*face to face only , ** registration is necessary )

It‘s my exlusive programme with realistic steps and practical methods, which helps you and your family to reach your financial goals quicker, gives you  practical skills how to manage your budget correctly and smoothly every week.‘

Vaida V.- Stone


Language courses: Lithuanian / English



Face to face:


1.  Just try!  (10 hours)

40 p/h

30 p/h

2. Break the ice! (20 hours)

35 p/h

27 p/h

3. Got it! (30 hours)

33 p/h

25 p/h

4.  Daily user. (50 hours)

30 p/h

23 p/h

5. Smart user.  (100 hours)

27 p/h

20 p/h

Discounts: * family members  / *single parent  /*students

New services and courses

Hello everyone!

With energy and many of good news came back from holiday.

First of all, Ms V Academy expanding services as listed below:

✅ Personal Financial Planning : budgeting, analysis and monitoring budget to ensure you are on a track towards your goals

✅ Self- employed budget: How to plan and manage my irregular incomes ?

⚜️ Also, happy to announce that I was offered and started to work at Kalon Financial with the most successful and qualified financial advisers.
⚜️I love to help others to grow and be successful as much as I always learning and growing myself as a professional and as a personality.

⚜️Looking forward our meetings with existing and new clients.

💗I love my job and happy to be back 💗 

New course for adults

Lithuanian language from ABC to professional

Fact: Grand Duchy of Lithuania was one of the biggest countries in the world for more than 300 years, stretching from the Baltic Sea all the way to the Black Sea.

  • Is your partner Lithuanian?
  • Are you looking to expand business in Lithuania?
  • Maybe you need a new challenge to learn foreign language?

It is the right time to join our classes

Learn one of the oldest Indo – European language!

Contact me : vaida@msvacademy.com