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Birth Flower’s Harmony Insight


The birth flowers, associated with a specific month and date is believed to have symbolic meanings and attributes that can contribute to personal well-being and prosperity. Birth Flowers analysis can inspire creativity by connecting to the natural world, provide a deeper understanding of yourself and others, can serve as a tool for personal development, offering guidance on character traits, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth based on the flower’s symbolism and associated meanings. Birth Flowers analysis can be a meaningful gifts or designing personalized celebrations.

Duration: 1 hour ( *includes : *15 min face to face + personalized PDF of your Birth Flower’s Harmony Insight + recommendation)

Have you recently felt a loss of connection with your heart?

I introduce the concept of the WHOLENESS AND ABUNDANCE WHEEL, a model that effectively connects your mind, heart, and finances. This is the core of my mentoring and vision, providing a holistic approach to personal growth and fulfilment in life.

A beautifully-balanced heart is at very core of ‘The Wholeness and Abundance Wheel’, nurturing your emotions, fostering self-compassion, and cultivating harmonious relationships with others and your TRUE SELF.

When this wheel is in harmony, you effortlessly radiate love, empathy, and joy.  .You show up as your TRUE SELF to the world. However, there are times when this harmony is lost, and your sense of a TRUE and POWERFUL SELF fades away. So, how do you reconnect with your heart?

I’ve discovered the amazing power of reconnecting with the heart through the insightful wisdom of flowers The connection between flowers and the heart lies in the symbolic language they speak, which is an intuitive guiding of the energies reflecting on nature’s wisdom. It can reconnect you to the heart by leading you to self-awareness and healing. Through this connection, you may find guidance to a deeper understanding of your own feelings and authenticity: of the TRUE SELF.

I am bond with flowers from my childhood and they always surrounded me as precious gifts from nature. As my passion for them grew daily, I delved deep into studying their secret energies and healing properties. Through Flowers Psychometry studies, I gained a deeper understanding of the abundance  in nature and the powerful interconnection between energies surrounding us. Now, I’m integrating this knowledge into my work, assisting others in finding connections between their minds, hearts, and finances. Additionally, I am reading the hidden messages and guidance of your Birth Flowers and how they can help you to increase your vibration and success.

Believe me, flowers have been my precious  guide, uplifting my spirit through the challenges of 2023. They’ve been my natural medicine and companions, brightening even the toughest moments.

Allow me to accompany you on a journey through the unique language of flowers, leading you back to your heart. Let me assist you in feeling that profound bond of abundance in nature.

And if you would like to explore the secrets held within your flower and discover how it can help you reconnect with your heart and achieve success.

With love,

Vaida V.- Stone / Liberta

Duration: 1 hour ( *includes : *15 min face to face + personalized PDF of your Birth Flower’s Harmony Insight + recommendation)

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